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Feel It To Heal It

Grief is a difficult emotion.  It is hard to even think about.  Our heart constricts; our palms sweat; our mouth gets dry; sometimes even when nothing has actually happened.  Yet, it is as much a part of our lives as joy, fun, success and contentment.  It is a rare human who slides through without at least a degree of it tagging along, yet we do not know how to embrace it. 
I’ve learned two things.  One, as mentioned, it will come.
Two, I can choose to acknowledge it, respect it, or give in to it. 
A.D. Wolfet said, “Feel it, to Heal it.”  I think what he meant was that in order to actually get through something difficult, you have to actually allow it to be felt.  If we push away difficult feelings, burry them deeply in our heart, they will remain right there, a bump in the carpet always tripping us up at the most inopportune times.
Often, we think of grief as something we feel when someone passes on.  Elizabeth K├╝blar-Ross gave us that grief model, and many of us are willing to …