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- Secondary Gain -

What are you getting from your problem that invites it to remain?

“I hate being fat!  I feel lumpy and lethargic and uncomfortable!  Why do I keep eating what I know will make me “fatter?” 

I can’t stand living in this mess!  I hate stepping over piles, not being able to find what I want when I want it, and I’m tired of looking at it all!” 

But I don’t change. 

Why?  Am I lazy?  Not at all.  I get lots done in other areas.  I am perfectly able and confident in many other areas of my life, but why do these trip me up?  (Pun intended?) I’ve learned that there are reasons for everything.  Even the ‘bad’ things that we are ‘stuck’ in, are serving us in some way.  Otherwise we would never continue in their practice. 

For instance:

I remember hearing a client talk about their issues with weight.  He spoke about the comfort that he gained when he sat down with a huge meal like his mother used to make him .  He received comfort, a feeling of safety and a trip back to a simpler time 0 escap…