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Friday, October 15, 2010

Choose to See

Have you ever wondered why nothing good ever seems to happen?  Why your house is falling apart, your relationships, though not terrible, never have that magical feel that so many other talk about?  Feel like food doesn’t look as appetizing as it once did, that smells don’t even bring that bliss that once you remember feeling just at a whiff of home-made bread? 

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes. . . it is simply because we look, but do not see.  Humans are interesting beings.  We are made up of this little self-fulfilling mind-set that always bends towards being right.  We like to see, what we expect. 

Did you know that if there is a black speck on the windshield, and if you don’t look directly at it, but slightly to the side, it will disappear?  That is because our brains automatically fill in the gaps.  It creates symmetry, even where there is none.  Look directly back at the speck however, and it is right there, specky as always.  Fortunately for us, we have the capacity to look past the unimportant imperfections.  Unfortunately for us, if we continually look right AT them, that is all we’ll see. 

Next time you find that your house is falling apart, try this:   Look past the broken banister to the perfectly sturdy stairs under your feet.  Overlook the one drawer in the kitchen that has fallen off the track, and see the 15 other drawers that have served you well for ten years.  For today, forget about the spot on the tile that is cracked, and relish the other 92 tiles that are pristine, clean and ready to serve you.  You’ll not only see more of the beauty, you’ll feel the warmth and gratitude of all that is right. 

Try it with your spouse, your child, your co-worker.  Choose to see the windshield instead of the squashed bug. . .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NOTICE the Bear.

Art by James Christensen

NOTICE the Bear.

Ever been in a situation where there is a huge problem, an uncomfortable situation, or a curiosity that just keeps your attention even though you keep trying to ignore it?  Just something that niggles your consciousness, pushes through your joy and lingers on the outside of your busyness?  That is the bear.  It is the big scary thing that you are trying to ignore.  Guess what, it won’t go away.  It will prod, push, growl and threaten until you turn around and face it. 

Perhaps, it will bite you.  Perhaps you won’t survive unscathed, but usually. . . it is just a figment.  It is just as frightened of being confronted as you are of confronting.  It often will just stare you in the eyes, see your resolve and power and slink silently back into the forest. 

The bear is in the room.  Giving him the attention he seeks will almost always satisfy him.  He is really just as willing to go his own way, as you are hopeful that he will, but not without being noticed. 

Take a moment.  Look your bear in the eyes.  Tell him he is noticed.  No judgment, no fear, no laughter, just notice him with the simple observation of a camera.  Take a picture if you want, give him a nod and go on your way, but notice him.  Give him a name and he’ll be sated.  Notice the bears in your world.