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Irritated by the Rub

Rumi said this:  'If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?'
I heard that one day and thought about it.  Long and hard.  I've had a mosquito bite that just won't let me have peace. I've also had those itches that no matter how long and hard and wide you scratch, they refused to be sated.  I've also polished nails, rocks, pottery and sanded wood.  All of these experiences swirled around in my mind as I heard this statement.   Is it my intention to be comfortable or to be better?  That was a difficult question to come face to face with.  Sometimes, if I'm honest with myself, I don't WANT to be rubbed!  I don't want to go to the gym, I don't want to have difficult experiences, and I don't WANT to have to have my patience tried in order to gain more of it.  However . . . I've also learned that usually, there is no other way.  
Wanting is tricky business.  It comes down ultimately, to what I want MOST.  Do I really want that…

Is that Absolutely True?

“I’m not beautiful.”
“My sister hates me.”
Are you absolutely certain what you just said, is true? 
It doesn’t matter what the world tells you, it will tell you over and over again, but if you believe it, you’ll continue to believe it. 

Who are you, and why are you here?
Think about it again.  Take any ‘story’ you tell yourself, from “I can’t make any money.”   To “I don’t want to be me.”  Put it up against the test of complete truth.  Ask it three times. 
Is this Absolutely True?
Is this Absolutely True?
Is this Absolutely True?

If it isn’t, what IS Absolutely True?
In our lives we too often get in the habit of making blanket statements.  Soon enough, we begin to believe them, even if they are neither helpful or healthy for us.  Even if they are not true.  Take a good long look at something you believe that is hurting you.  Is it really true?  Absolutely?  Completely?  
What IS true?  Instead of "My sister hates me"  perhaps the real truth is, "My sister needs mo…

The Empty Cup

“When the student is ready, the teacher comes.”

“What if the teacher comes before the student is ready?” I was asked.  
Doesn’t work.  No teacher can teach, no student can learn, if they are unwilling to turn their cup, rightside up.
Wanting to learn, is the genesis to learning . . . anything.  
“A man convinced  against his will, holds the same opinion still.”
Trying to teach an unwilling student, is just like pouring into a cup, that is upside down.  You may give out all that precious information and wonderful experience, but it will just run around on the outside.  
Then there are those who come with their cup upturned, but completely full of other ‘stuff’.  A full cup can receive no more.  

Come to a teacher  with an open,  empty cup,
Waiting to be filled,  and you will be.    ~MSK