The Empty Cup

“When the student is ready, the teacher comes.”

“What if the teacher comes before the student is ready?” I was asked.  

Doesn’t work.  No teacher can teach, no student can learn, if they are unwilling to turn their cup, rightside up.
Wanting to learn, is the genesis to learning . . . anything.  

“A man convinced  against his will, holds the same opinion still.”

Trying to teach an unwilling student, is just like pouring into a cup, that is upside down.  You may give out all that precious information and wonderful experience, but it will just run around on the outside.  

Then there are those who come with their cup upturned, but completely full of other ‘stuff’.  A full cup can receive no more.  


Come to a teacher 
with an open, 
empty cup,
Waiting to be filled, 
and you will be.    ~MSK


  1. But in Freedom Writers the teacher was able to turn her students cups over... they certainly didn't start out that way, did they?

  2. No, they didn't! Great point. Still, they learned nothing until their cups WERE turned over, and did she do it, or did she merely provide experiences for them to open up themselves? She handed them a journal, but THEY had to choose to write it in, and be open to the experiences yes ?


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