Reconsiderations and Ministrations

As I said, life gets crazy.  But only when we allow it to.  What will I allow in my life?  I've often said that I think best when I'm on my feet putting out metaphorical fires.  Perhaps it i s the adrenalin, or just the deadline, other or self-appointed.  At any rate, if there is not a certain moment that 'finished' must be cleanly mentally stamped on a project (finished or not), I tend to move it to the "good" column rather than the "best" one. 

One of the good things, is this blog.  I began it believing that I wanted to use my life-coaching tools to help others with pitfalls and problems that I'd already slipped into and found a life-like out of.  I was attempting professionalism, a step-back intimacy and the added burden of editing and reediting content and language.  This left me with a distaste (I'm not an editor) for evening beginning the next idea, because it would take much more time out of my priority box than I had allotted. 

So I've re-thought. 

Some of the reasons are that I've noticed that the blogs that most people tend to identify with the most are those where the writer isn't a 'professional' all decked out in the grammar-policed best, but one in which the personality shines through the slog of information and sameness to present something candid and real and relatable. 

I also found that in writing for several other facebook pages and ghost writing a slew of other projects, that I do best when I simply type from my heart and if necessary bleed emotion all over the screen through my mentor and nemesis, the keyboard.   I promise I'll still try to spell-check and be mostly grammatically non-threatening, but I don't promise I'll not over-use ellipsis. . . as I am wont to do. . .or make-up words that suit what my intended meaning is, whether or not Webster has of yet decided they are print-worthy; I don't promise that my thoughts will flow with precision and be deliciously notated or even that they'll be correct to the minutia. 

What I am going to attempt is to tell some stories of my world, whenever I get around to it or remember to do so.  Sometimes I'll share things I've learned, sometimes I may just ask if there is an answer for something I'm yet struggling with.  I may just get excited, write a few new posts, and forget about it again for years. :: smiles :: (oh, and I'll certainly NOT promise not to put in my double colonitis - action indicators.   actions held within double colon sets to indicate tone, mood, clarification.  eg. :: smiles :: )

Truth is, I used to write.  I don't much anymore, not anything of any significance.  I may just toss in some of my old stories.  I miss writing with an old group of fabulous people we used to call ourselves by many names, but the one I liked best was a little place we called "The Sandbox". 


  1. I love the overuse of ellipsis and the made up words and the double colons... ::smiles:: ;) I think its a grand plan. Hugs.


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