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Auld Lang Syne

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Auld Lang Syne is the second best-known song in the world (the best known is Happy Birthday to You). Written by Robert Burns. 

George Thomson's version - 1799
From Wikipedia : Robert Burns sent a copy of the original song to the Scots Musical Museum with the remark, “I did not write this song, I merely copied it. The following song, an old song, of the olden times, and which has never been in print, nor even in manuscript until I took it down from an old man".[5]

Interesting information on the song and meaning and comparrisons here

As my year, my decade comes to a close, one looks back almost automatically.  This past year has been one of change in almost ever facet of my life.  As my life has transformed, I have ridden the transformation like sufer on the ocean.  Sometimes getting bowled over, sometimes at the heights of…



"Getting Back" seems to be going hand in hand with "Exploring More". Some things I am now, I never was before. Some things I'd forgotten I was. It is nice to simply remember that life is right now. Being in the moment, being present, enjoying even things like dishes and paperwork, the things that you choose to do. Putting worth on everything, for everything is done for a greater reason than just 'paying the bills'.

If I concentrate on what each bill grants me, even that is exciting. I'm not talking about rose coloured glasses, but certainly ones with a little bling on the sides doesn't (dont?) hurt m'vision any. I've learned that being a sensual being, re-learning how to be playful and fun and continuing to respect and cherish my caring side is a good mix for me. Balance I guess is what I've slipped into. I've also learned that what every juggler knows. Anyone can learn to juggle three things. It is when we add in too man…

Visiting Teaching

I Publish a Visiting Teaching Message each month.Sometimes (if my site hasn't currently been hacked again) it can be found (as well as the last few years archives) on  Though I just checked it and the code has been damaged. . Anyway, I'll fix it when I get to it.

This month is on Self-reliance.  That has always been a sticky topic for me, I don't can.  I don't care for foods made from canned goods, and while I want to obey, I also am terrible at rotating so it seems that I spend a lot of money I really don't have to spare, on things that go bad before they are used.  The other areas however, I am completely gung-ho about.  While I've not done well the last two years financially, due to circumstances largely beyond my control, usually I am a very frugal person and hate debt.  That then makes my current debt-load something that keeps me awake at night.

My question then is, or my muse really, is how do we implement the things …

"In the Meantime"

Now and again I'll also post snippets from my journals, I find that I still very often find the same thing, and re-learn from myself.  Would that I could remember all the things I've already learned nez paux?


I've been reading a book entitled, "In the Meantime" which I would recommend to anyone. It speaks of the spaces in our lives where we are NOT exactly where we would like to be. It talks of life as a house, and each floor; the basement, the first, second and third floors; each have a purpose and a job to accomplish in love's house. Only in learning to love, and love unconditionally, can we ascend to the highest understanding and allow the universe to work with us to obtain what is best for us. In the meantime. . . there are many lessons, many people who will assist us in learning those lessons and many experiences that will strip and clean, mold and de-clutter, simplify and enrich our lives.

I expect that I'm merely looking forward instead o…


There is little that is more rewarding than having the time and energy to play with your grandchildren.  Their love, their joy and excitement in life and for every little thing you do for them is so fulfilling.  What other activity can bring you this kind of instant joy?  None that I know of, not this kind.  There is a connection that goes into the very atoms of your being and thrills to every little joy that they express.  I am blessed beyond measure.


While that is a buzz-word of the 00's. . . I'm using it a bit tongue-in-cheek this morning.  I'm addicted to 'Bar Harbor Blend' Cranberry, Dark Chocolate Coered Almonds and Vanilla Almonds. . . siiiiigh.  Why is it that when something is pleasurable, we have to call them addictions?  Can I live without it?  Sure, but why should I?  Can you be addicted to something lovely?  Is it an addiction or merely a joyful high?  Truly not a serious question, just beginning my morning with a little sigh of pleasure before jumping into a lot of the 'need-to-do-but-don't-wanna' list.

I also LOVE graphics, art, photography and words.  I'm a visual gal. Completely.  Found a lovely Christmas card to put on my desktop.  That too made me smile.


(Photo by Victoria Lynn - see her on Facebook)

From the beginning I've thought too much, read too often and written. My fingertips seem to know my feelings, my ideas and bits of random wisdom far better than my brain does. When I write I can look at who I am, who I wish to become. Here then, are some Musings. I don't know how faithful I'll be, or how this will 'flesh out', but I've succumbed to the 'blog'. Shall I sigh or simply rejoice that such a medium is available for those of us to wish to be known?

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