While that is a buzz-word of the 00's. . . I'm using it a bit tongue-in-cheek this morning.  I'm addicted to 'Bar Harbor Blend' Cranberry, Dark Chocolate Coered Almonds and Vanilla Almonds. . . siiiiigh.  Why is it that when something is pleasurable, we have to call them addictions?  Can I live without it?  Sure, but why should I?  Can you be addicted to something lovely?  Is it an addiction or merely a joyful high?  Truly not a serious question, just beginning my morning with a little sigh of pleasure before jumping into a lot of the 'need-to-do-but-don't-wanna' list.

I also LOVE graphics, art, photography and words.  I'm a visual gal. Completely.  Found a lovely Christmas card to put on my desktop.  That too made me smile. 


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