"In the Meantime"

Now and again I'll also post snippets from my journals, I find that I still very often find the same thing, and re-learn from myself.  Would that I could remember all the things I've already learned nez paux?


I've been reading a book entitled, "In the Meantime" which I would recommend to anyone. It speaks of the spaces in our lives where we are NOT exactly where we would like to be. It talks of life as a house, and each floor; the basement, the first, second and third floors; each have a purpose and a job to accomplish in love's house. Only in learning to love, and love unconditionally, can we ascend to the highest understanding and allow the universe to work with us to obtain what is best for us. In the meantime. . . there are many lessons, many people who will assist us in learning those lessons and many experiences that will strip and clean, mold and de-clutter, simplify and enrich our lives.

I expect that I'm merely looking forward instead of back. What has happened, has happened. There is no changing it except by changing my attitude and my view of it. Changing my view can turn a devastating divorce into an opportunity to grow and forgive. Doing that suddenly changes much of how it looked from here.

Love is a power beyond any other. The reason being, it is completely our will that we offer to another being. There is nothing the other person can do to earn it; dismiss it; sully it or even destroy it. Only we have that ability and so giving it is about the only thing completely in our power. Amazing.

Now Today. .. 

I echo that of this wondreful Prophet, Seer and Revelator - Jeffry R. Holland

This testimony reached into my very core.  Would that one day I could bear such a powerful witness with such eloquence.   The gospel is the way to the outstretched arms of the Savior.

and Victoria Lynn's gorgeous photography.  See her on Facebook.  This is a place I could sit for hours and  contemplate life. Today is the Winter Solstice.  Time for winter reflection, pauses, yet it is nice to sit in on a Spring bench and know that life is not stagnant, it changes as surely as do the seasons.  I'm learning to make friends with change.


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