"Getting Back" seems to be going hand in hand with "Exploring More". Some things I am now, I never was before. Some things I'd forgotten I was. It is nice to simply remember that life is right now. Being in the moment, being present, enjoying even things like dishes and paperwork, the things that you choose to do. Putting worth on everything, for everything is done for a greater reason than just 'paying the bills'.

If I concentrate on what each bill grants me, even that is exciting. I'm not talking about rose coloured glasses, but certainly ones with a little bling on the sides doesn't (dont?) hurt m'vision any. I've learned that being a sensual being, re-learning how to be playful and fun and continuing to respect and cherish my caring side is a good mix for me. Balance I guess is what I've slipped into. I've also learned that what every juggler knows. Anyone can learn to juggle three things. It is when we add in too many 'number one priority' items that it gets complicated and the whole mess ends up on the floor. Simplicity isn't easy :: smiles :: but it works. 1/28/07

Today - My Three things are God, Others, Self.  If I keep those priorities in order, choose daily to do something to improve the relationship with or for each of them in some small way, my day is a success.


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