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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cultivate Ceremonies of Personal Pleasure

Today I’m sick.  I feel rotten.  While that isn’t what I want to talk about, it is what made me think about pleasure, spoiling myself, hot soup and fuzzy slippers. 

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Photo by Crystal DeverSometimes when life smacks us, whether it is emotional, physical, relationship, financial, whatever, it is the time that we take a time-out.  Settle into those comfort ceremonies that warm our soul and allow us to close our eyes for a moment and forget the momentary circumstances. 

For me, it is many things, but one of them is hot soup and bread.   Few things make me feel as good as quickly as something that tickles my senses in more than one area.  Great scents of homemade soup and piping hot bread and butter brings me back to when I was a little girl and being taken care of by someone who loved me.  What is yours?

Another of my Ceremonial pleasures is my morning devotional.  If I don’t start my day with about 30 – 45 minutes of contemplation, reading, writing and just being silent by myself, I’m off-balance.  I thrive and refill.  What allows you to refill?  For some it is company, laughing, playing, talking.  For others it is the outdoors, and still others need total brainless unwinding.  Consider your own personal ceremonies and cherish and honor their place in life, and life will feel more like a pleasure than a drudgery.  

If not, there is always soup!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Is Missing - Really?

~”Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man. . . that he didn’t, didn’t already have!” ~ America – Tin Man

Usually we have most of what we need. The missing part is usually the catalyst. A good coach who can point it out for you and put the pieces in the right place is the coach who can invite you to recognized the best YOU.

“Listen to where it hurts.. the body and the spirit speak softly first, then more loudly the more they are ignored.” ~ Carol Montoya

I’ve been doing a lot of EFT lately. Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is a system of acupressure releases that takes stuck and stored up energies and helps the person release that energy through gentle taps and questions and statements. It is simply astonishing how easily old hurts, physical pain and even stress can disapate with the simply applied principles. This isn’t something that you need an appointment for, or a long list of supplies or even a long training session. It is a wonderful tool that can be learned quickly and give years of diverse relief and abounding peace.

Usually we do have much of what we need. Sometimes all it takes is someone else to point that out.