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Calm Your Storm

In “The Titans”, there was one memorable line for me.  Not that I took it how it was intended, but I loved when the female lead looked into a suffering male lead’s eyes and said, “Calm Your Storm”. 

How often do the trials in our lives spiral out of control, electrify and gain energy or pummel us with difficulty simply because when we had the chance, at the pivotal moment to Calm our Storms. . . we didn’t? 
Breathe.  Take in a moment to consider yourself at the end of a long pier with the world at your control.  The clouds darken, the electricity is crackling, and you control it all.  Is this what you want right now?  Close your eyes.  Call upon all that is loving and good and successful and warm, and send that into the blackened clouds, the rolling threatening tempest and let it dispel, calm, evaporate.    Take that moment to Calm Your Storm –
and it will never become a Tempest.

Listen to the Whispers (so you don't have to hear the screams)

Inspiration comes quietly. . . at first. A small pain in your side, you ignore.  Later a sharp pain, you medicate, then an agonizing burst appendix . . . and it screams “Surgery!”

Listen to the Whispers. . . and the screams will never be needed.

Be they emotional wholes (intentional spelling), spiritual promptings, social, intellectual longings or physical attentions needed. 

Listen.  Shhhhhh, be still.

Recycled Love

Ok, this time I just have to share a wonderful tip.  You know all those delightful cards, birthday notes, letters, "just because" cards that you have received and don't know what to do with, but really hate to toss?  I use mine for bookmarks.  It is the most delightful thing, to pick up a book and find within a precious sentiment from the past.  Today I paused and actually read the card I've been using as a marker for the book I was reading.  I had forgotten how sweet the message, how precious the sentiments. . . and I cried.  What a delightful moment tucked in my day.  A week ago, I picked up one of those 'daily thought' books, and there was a lovely card from five years ago from a precious friend of mine.  Again, I was brought to tears of gratitude as I recalled the difficult time that the card came in, the sweet peace it brought me. 

So. . . I'm passing along my little bit of cheer.  Instead of a torn slip of paper, or a fancy purchased bookmark.  Tuck…

What If This Is Supposed to Be?

No, really.  Whatever is wrong in your world, what IF. . . just go with me here, what IF it was exactly what is supposed to happen at this very moment.  Why do you think could be the possible reason?
Go ahead.  Write it.  Right now.  No, I'm serious.  Get a pen, open your online journal, whatever.

Has there ever been, in your experience, something that you thought at the time was terrible, but turned out for the best?  What if this too. . . turns out for the best? 
There is power in ‘What if’.  
There is also danger in it.  
Make certain that your “Ifs” remain on the positive side of the continuum for the most part.   Just the consideration will cause a shift, open new avenues and allow your mind to consider and perhaps even embrace,  “Maybe So.”

Attention Shift

Dean Byrd says that there are two types of perfection.  Horizontal and vertical.  In Vertical perfection, or striving for perfection vertically. . . we have a zig-zag approach, always striving, then falling back a bit, striving again, always feeling overwhelmed, inadequate an unbalanced.   In Horizontal perfection we are able to pause and evaluate.  Walk a while with our most recent progression.  Enjoy where we are  for a time before choosing another goal to accomplish.

Vertical Perfection
Horizontal Perfection

Sometimes all it takes is a pause. A change in attention and focus to see something just slightly differently.  The shift in focus allows a view that may change your whole outlook.  When I discovered that I could no longer see clearly to read, I went to the dollar store and bought me a pair of simple reading glasses.  Instantly, things came into focus.  I could read with clarity and without squinting.  Headaches disappeared, frustration lessened and reading was again a pleasur…