What If This Is Supposed to Be?

No, really.  Whatever is wrong in your world, what IF. . . just go with me here, what IF it was exactly what is supposed to happen at this very moment.  Why do you think could be the possible reason?

Go ahead.  Write it.  Right now.  No, I'm serious.  Get a pen, open your online journal, whatever.

Has there ever been, in your experience, something that you thought at the time was terrible, but turned out for the best?  What if this too. . . turns out for the best? 

There is power in ‘What if’.  

There is also danger in it.  

Make certain that your “Ifs” remain on the positive side of the continuum for the most part.   Just the consideration will cause a shift, open new avenues and allow your mind to consider and perhaps even embrace,  “Maybe So.”


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