Attention Shift

Dean Byrd says that there are two types of perfection.  Horizontal and vertical.  In Vertical perfection, or striving for perfection vertically. . . we have a zig-zag approach, always striving, then falling back a bit, striving again, always feeling overwhelmed, inadequate an unbalanced.   In Horizontal perfection we are able to pause and evaluate.  Walk a while with our most recent progression.  Enjoy where we are  for a time before choosing another goal to accomplish.

Vertical Perfection
Horizontal Perfection

Sometimes all it takes is a pause. A change in attention and focus to see something just slightly differently.  The shift in focus allows a view that may change your whole outlook.  When I discovered that I could no longer see clearly to read, I went to the dollar store and bought me a pair of simple reading glasses.  Instantly, things came into focus.  I could read with clarity and without squinting.  Headaches disappeared, frustration lessened and reading was again a pleasure.

Where are you striving vertically, and always feeling like you slide back as much as you move forward?  Where are you enjoying the steps you have already taken, and able to celebrate your progression?  Where can your attention and focus shift ever so slightly so that what was, is now something else?

Look away from your cause of frustration and focus on a cause of gratitude and joy.  Then look back.  Do you find the frustration altered?

Sometimes progression, is simply a shift in focus, a shift in attention to see things in a new way. 


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