Calm Your Storm

In “The Titans”, there was one memorable line for me.  Not that I took it how it was intended, but I loved when the female lead looked into a suffering male lead’s eyes and said, “Calm Your Storm”. 

How often do the trials in our lives spiral out of control, electrify and gain energy or pummel us with difficulty simply because when we had the chance, at the pivotal moment to Calm our Storms. . . we didn’t? 
Breathe.  Take in a moment to consider yourself at the end of a long pier with the world at your control.  The clouds darken, the electricity is crackling, and you control it all.  Is this what you want right now?  Close your eyes.  Call upon all that is loving and good and successful and warm, and send that into the blackened clouds, the rolling threatening tempest and let it dispel, calm, evaporate.  
 Take that moment to Calm Your Storm –
and it will never become a Tempest.


  1. Good one for us young mothers... Now to remember it in the storm...


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