Recycled Love

Ok, this time I just have to share a wonderful tip.  You know all those delightful cards, birthday notes, letters, "just because" cards that you have received and don't know what to do with, but really hate to toss?  I use mine for bookmarks.  It is the most delightful thing, to pick up a book and find within a precious sentiment from the past.  Today I paused and actually read the card I've been using as a marker for the book I was reading.  I had forgotten how sweet the message, how precious the sentiments. . . and I cried.  What a delightful moment tucked in my day.  A week ago, I picked up one of those 'daily thought' books, and there was a lovely card from five years ago from a precious friend of mine.  Again, I was brought to tears of gratitude as I recalled the difficult time that the card came in, the sweet peace it brought me. 

So. . . I'm passing along my little bit of cheer.  Instead of a torn slip of paper, or a fancy purchased bookmark.  Tuck in your old letters, cards, notes and such and you'll be delighted again and again by the giver and the gift. 

OH!  and don't forget to SEND a real card this week.  As my son says, "Write it in handwriting mom, it means more."  Perhaps you'll be remembered again and again as the years drift by and bring joy time and again. 

Happy Writing. 

Happy Living. 


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