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I Publish a Visiting Teaching Message each month.Sometimes (if my site hasn't currently been hacked again) it can be found (as well as the last few years archives) on  Though I just checked it and the code has been damaged. . Anyway, I'll fix it when I get to it.

This month is on Self-reliance.  That has always been a sticky topic for me, I don't can.  I don't care for foods made from canned goods, and while I want to obey, I also am terrible at rotating so it seems that I spend a lot of money I really don't have to spare, on things that go bad before they are used.  The other areas however, I am completely gung-ho about.  While I've not done well the last two years financially, due to circumstances largely beyond my control, usually I am a very frugal person and hate debt.  That then makes my current debt-load something that keeps me awake at night.

My question then is, or my muse really, is how do we implement the things we believe in, but find nearly impossible to make work in our current situation without feeling overwhelmingly guilty, disobedient or helpless?

Back then to Visiting teaching.  I love it.  I love the connection I love the women, I love the different people who allow me to enter into their worlds and those who enter mine, not exactly by choice, but never by disinterest.  I've enjoyed every experience (eventually. . . heh) and every woman I've grown close to.  Some of my very best friends in the world began as my visit teachees or my visiting teacher.  It is completely the Lord's way.  Still, I'm not perfect.

If anyone who ever reads this, once I decide to share that I'm doing it with anyone else. . .heh. . . is free to message me at Chantaclair at to be added to my monthly distribution of the message.

This months can be found at: 1 10.pdf


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