Is that Absolutely True?

“I’m not beautiful.”

“My sister hates me.”

Are you absolutely certain what you just said, is true? 

It doesn’t matter what the world tells you, it will tell you over and over again, but if you believe it, you’ll continue to believe it. 

Who are you, and why are you here?

Think about it again.  Take any ‘story’ you tell yourself, from “I can’t make any money.”   To “I don’t want to be me.”  Put it up against the test of complete truth.  Ask it three times. 

Is this Absolutely True?
Is this Absolutely True?
Is this Absolutely True?

If it isn’t, what IS Absolutely True?

In our lives we too often get in the habit of making blanket statements.  Soon enough, we begin to believe them, even if they are neither helpful or healthy for us.  Even if they are not true.  Take a good long look at something you believe that is hurting you.  Is it really true?  Absolutely?  Completely?  

What IS true?  Instead of "My sister hates me"  perhaps the real truth is, "My sister needs more attention than I've been giving her."  or "My sister really admires me, but doesn't know how to show it very well and uses sarcasm to cover her own feelings of inadequacy."  

Truth is truth, but too often we accept things that simply are no longer true.  Give it a shot, what things ARE absolutely true? 


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