The Weather Is JUST the Weather

I promise.  

Just because it is stormy outside, it doesn’t mean you have to feel stormy inside.  Now this example won’t work for those of us who flourish in rain, or will it?  

Let’s compare Bill (assuming he hates bad weather) and me. 

I was raised in South San Francisco.  It was foggy and bleak, nearly every day.  Really.  I’d have to call my friend down the hill to see what to wear, because the pea soup I lived in, I could never tell.  So, the weather man says rain.  I smile, pull out my favorite boots and maybe the camera.  Bill on the other hand, gets up, grumbles at his wife, slams the door to the car and yells at the cat. “I hate this weather, it always puts me in a bad mood!” 

Really?  The weather has that power?  The weather causes Bill to have a bad day?  How about people?  “He makes me so mad!” . . . “She really irritates me!” . . . Oh?  “That makes me crazy!”  Are you sure?  Do these statements seem silly when you are logically and openly reading this?  Well then, instead determine where the power really is!  

In you.

YOU make yourself mad, sad, angry, irritated, annoyed . . . and/or happy, joyful, successful, powerful.  You decide.  You figure out where the power is, and allow that source to wield it.  

Seriously, the weather will happen, there is nothing you nor I can do about it.  It has its own power, just like you, just like me.  The weather is just the weather.  

You are You.


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