If what you are doing, isn’t working. . . do something else!

I am working towards my NLP (Neuro-Linguestic Programing) Certification. Today’s lesson was on ‘chunking up’ and ‘chunking down’.

What that means is moving away from a current way of thinking, to a lesser detailed way of thinking, or one more specific or detailed.

For instance. If you would like to change one aspect of your life, what do you consider when you think of that change? Does it seem too huge to accomplish? Are you overwhelmed? Or, maybe it seems like there are just too many details to accomplish.

Consider asking a couple of questions of yourself. Like, “What is the bigger part? What is my intention in wanting this change? or even what is my purpose?”

If I wish to teach a class on something I’m good at for instance. I may feel overwhelmed and inadequate. I may feel like I can never fill up a semester of information and be successful. However—if I chunk down, I can think of it as only the FIRST class. IF that even seems too big, I can consider, “What is the introduction I could give that would be informative and interesting”. Perhaps that ten minute intro wouldn’t seem too much. I could even move my chunk down further to ‘what is a great story I can tell to illustrate my topic?”

It works for any project, any idea, any task you wish to complete.

Sometimes though, you can be like me, and have so many ‘chunks’’ that you need to chunk UP instead. When your list has fifty elements on it, it may be helpful to ask yourself, “What is the point I’m trying to make?” What THREE things will help me make that point the best?” Things along that vein will make your ‘chunks’ more manageable and ultimately make your project possible. No matter if it is a business plan, a child’s birthday party, or a refinance of your home. Baby steps were created to get us from where we are to where we can ultimately thrive.

So. . .go thrive!


  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I have been feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed, so I'm going to give this some thought. (It clicks with my process consultant self as well -- different levels of detail on processes!) ;)


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