Don't Push the River

A river flows.  That is what it does.  It follows its own natural path and ends where all rivers ought to end, in the sea.  If I jump in, and push it, it will still do what it will.  I may be able to change stones, build a dam, even dump in tons of soil to adjust where I think it OUGHT To go, but like so many have found out, eventually water will win. It will go the way of the flow.  

Is your garden continually climbing over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard? 

Does your car continue to sputter and whine when you put in the cheaper grade of gas?

In life we tend to forget that our lives are like that too.  This isn’t to say do not make goals, or do not try to guide your own life, but simply consider when things feel like a struggle, that perhaps they aren’t ready to happen.  Are you pushing your flow too much to see that the natural movement will be exactly in the direction that is best?  

Stop and listen to the rhythm.  Draw in great gulps of fresh air and smell the direction your life is calling.  Look far into the horizon and notice the signals that are guiding your next action. 
Don’t push when just allowing is the best choice. 


  1. Interesting. Like no man is an island, no one life alone flows in singular fashion to a river make. We’re all in this game of flux and flow together. Perhaps the hard part isn’t in allowing your river to find its own path as much as it’s about not allowing another to predetermine the route. There are dried up riverbeds all around us as well as new creeks formed by changes upstream. Yet water will most always seek its own level while we choose to swim either with or against its current, or perhaps (if passive) to simply ride the tide.

  2. I'm just here saying I'm reading your blog and I REALLY like it. And I'm often guilty of trying to push the river. Hey, maybe you can be my life coach. Do you have a life coach web site?

  3. I do. . .

    There are some wonderful tools available. AS a life-coach, we strive to simply open up eyes to the possibilities that already exist.

  4. Well said E, and thanks for stopping by. Your way with words always inspires.

    Perhaps 'guiding the river' might be a nice follow-up post eh?


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