A Reason Isn’t Evil, It Is Just A Reason. – NLP

A Reason Isn’t Evil, It Is Just A Reason.  – NLP
I think, and isn’t that why you are reading this, to see what I think?  Anyway, I think. . . that too often we demonize so many of our little imperfections that we forget that every one of them is there because it gives us something.  While it may and probably is better that we rid ourselves of poor habits, annoying tendencies and unbecoming personality traits, I think we forget that we have to honor those choices before we can send them to their ‘thank you for your service’ retirement.  

I know that I used to really hate to get up early.  Hated it.  Loved luxuriously sleeping in and staying up until the wee hours of the morning, sometimes not even going to bed at all.  While I wanted to ‘change’ it, because ‘people’ said it was better for me, I didn’t feel I had the capacity or the motivation.  I wanted to my freedom and I gave every ‘reason’ I could come up with to show both how I ‘couldn’t’ and why I ‘shouldn’t’.  

A man convinced against his will, holds the same opinion still. 

Staying up late was fun. I loved the quiet.  I could work uninterrupted.  These were its serviceable attributes.  Yes, I knew that it made me tired in the morning.  That it kept me from sharing my partners bed.  That it created a foggy brain that lasted nigh until dinner the next day.  However, until I was able to appreciate what it gave me and find other ways to get those same benefits, I was stuck.  

One day a friend asked me to watch the sunrise together.  So I unwillingly, but dutifully got up early that next morning.  It was quiet.  It was beautiful!  I was sharp and accomplished twice as much before the rest of the house arose.  Then, I was tired at 9 the next night and slept soundly to awaken the next day early.  Suddenly and almost without effort, I put away the old and took on the newer better, more serviceable attribute of arising early. 
Every bad attribute has something it is giving its slaves.  Find that positive, replace it with something else that accomplishes the same thing and the negative attribute no longer has power.  

It isn’t evil, it is just a reason.  A stress-relief, something that makes one feel powerful, smarter, sexier. An escape, gives more energy, allows the voices in the head to silence for awhile.  

Find the reason, not just the action.  As Donald Trump says, “Focus on the Solution”.  

Here is to New Years and a better us.
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