Reasons and Excuses

So. . . there are reasons that my last post was months ago, but there are no real excuses.  I seem to find the time to do other things that I have 'no time for'.  I think that the reasons, while valid, still are only excuses for a deeper lack of motivation, inspiration perhaps, or priority.  Yes I believe that is it.  I am motivated, and WANT to write, I want to assist others with the tools and ah-ha moments that come so swiftly and often, and yet I don't 'get to it'.  I definitely have constant ideas swirling around, a list of 'posts to write', so that isn't it either, but priority might just be it. 

Of late, I've discovered a new sense of transparency.  A sort of sense of willingness to be more open with my flaws and needs and ideas and disquiet.  Here are some of my 'reasons' and understand that they are in no particular order other than what pops into my head first.

  • A flood that left us without a kitchen for five months (still not completely back to normal) 
  • Two weddings
  • Two funerals
  • A new granddaughter born at 24 weeks and 1 lb 8 oz and a subsequent trip to Texas
  • Chaos
  • A belief that 'no one reads this anyway'
  • Too many church callings and responsibilities
  • Too many business obligations and demands
  • New opportunities and writing venues
  • A series (the 15 things) that requires graphics, which in turn require a goodly amount of time to produce and an inability, scratch that, an unwillingness to do just a half-job. 
While not every reason, those are the ones that come first to mind.  So. . . I neglect, postpone, promise myself I'll do it 'tomorrow' and don't.

It must be tomorrow.

I have been writing though, writing in other places about my faith, my interest in uplifting women and my employment.

Here are a few: - Growing Faith, Strengthening Families, & Building Community - Who We Are, What We Believe, How We Live: Glimpses into LDS Life ~ A Committed  leading resource for women to enhance lives, careers & relationships.

Also Facebook pages of the above.  Join and 'like'!  Because I know you just can't get enough of me.  Hah.
So I will get the series started.  Soon.  I promise.



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