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I would be remiss if I didn't write just a little about the most beautiful holiday seasons.  For some, they are joy-filled, exciting, perfect.  For many others, too many, they are stress-filled, over-taxed and sometimes very lonely.

Much of the season is created by our circumstances.  When I was happily married with little ones, it was stress-ful, certainly, but it was full of joy and anticipation and fun.  Then when that family splintered, I was left with the feeling that I had to 'do it all'.  See every Christmas show, participate in every bit of music, over-spend and over-do to make up for the 'brokenness' that was now to be our 'new normal'.

Then the next year, I fell into apathy.  Painful, painless apathy.  I just didn't care.  The tree was purchased, but never decorated until Christmas Eve.  The bare minimums were the rule as it was 'his year' for the children.  It was lonely and sad, but there were still moments of joy.  Even then.

These days have fallen in to a more low-key affair.  With a new life and new people in that life, our traditions too have morphed.  Some that no long serve our family have been relegated to the next generation to carry on.  Some have been abandoned all together.  Some I even now hold on to tightly.  All of that is good.

We enter each season with hope, even if that hope is buried deeply and like Ebenezer, shrouded by too many years of hurt to shine forth.  Still, we hope that this year, something will be different, better, perfect.

I learned something.  I learned that what I believe, is what is.  When I believe that I am unloved, unneeded and unnecessary, I am.  Simply because I make myself transparent and I don't put forth the effort to brighten the hours of anyone else.  When I believe I am loved and surrounded by wonderful loving people, I am.  Simply because they respond to me in turn.  It is a simple principle when put into action.

So I believe.  I believe in the goodness of humanity.  I believe in magic and miracles and the sweetness that surrounds my world.  I believe there are daily bits of wonder to notice and embrace.  I believe that there are waiting angels to support and inspire and assist when needed most.   I believe there is beauty and good and perfection in the tiniest of things.

This season see if what you look for might be wonder, hope, service, magic and let the stress, grumpy people, commercialism and gluttony pass by unremarkably.  It will be a season to remember.



  1. Thank you for sharing this today! I love your thought provoking posts and was happy to see you in my reading list today. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. You are so welcome. Thank you for commenting! We writers, or wanna-be writers, live for feedback. Feel free to share if you feel there is someone who might be served.


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