Are you What you Wear?

I've been listening / watching/ reading Carol Tuttle's "Dress your Truth" free program.  She is a bubbly, energetic woman who makes me smile and think.  Her system however so far has be baffled.  I am one who loves tests.  I know I'm strange.  I do though, I like the feedback I guess of knowing that I actually know what I think I know.  . . or not.

Anyway, she has all of this delicious visual (I'm an extremely visual girl) material that she asks you to respond to, to understand what reaches your basic 'energy'.  Her system is linked to Fire/ Air/ Water/ Earth energies.  So I watch, I enjoy, and I find in every one of them, parts of who I am and parts of 'definitely not me'~  Eventually she expects you to classify yourself as one of them for a primary energy type.  I can't.  I fluctuate so much that I can't come to a solid, "oh yes, that is me" determination.  Some are closer than others, I definitely know which are NOT me.

This type of profiling isn't new to me in the least.  As I said, I love tests, silly tests, hard tests, iq tests, personality tests and I enjoy seeing if what they say my results are, actually are the ones I agree with .  (That quality alone would make me a type 4 or Earthy person).  No one can tell me what I am better than me, is my mentality.

So how valuable are these tests?  I embrace all the 'systems' for their good qualities.
I love choices, and detest being narrowed down to a couple of choices (a strong type 1 or Air).  Meyers Briggs, (INFJ)  Love Languages,(Quality time/Conversation)  Astrological signs (Strong Aquarian), Seasons (Autumn or Strong/Warm) I love classifying myself and those I care about.  It helps me understand myself and the world about me better, but . . . does it also limit me?  Do I put myself into a slot and thus negate all other possibilities?  Are my labels (LDS/Mormon, Conservative, Life-Coach, Music-Coach, Florist, Wife, Ahma {Grandmother}. . . . . .. . ) binding me or freeing me, or both?  What about yours?

Today Carol's instruction was about wearing black.  That most women can't/ shouldn't pull it off.  Only type 4 women florish in it.  It is most of our staples.  She tells 75% of the women (going with the simple assessment that out of four types each will be 25%) to toss a good portion of their current wardrobe.  How would you react to that instruction?

Are you the type who is open to trying a whole new way of dressing, of purchasing, of even starting pretty much from scratch?  One woman talked about the fact that literally 90% of her wardrobe was not her correct type and thus she tossed it.  I can't imagine that. Perhaps I'm just stubborn and too much of an introvert for my own good.  Or. . . perhaps I'm just the immobile Bryce-Canyon, solid, strong. . . Earthy.  


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