The Soul Made Visible

"My business is not ot remake myself, But make the absolute bet of what God made." ~ Robert Browning 

As I have struggled with challenges, insecurities and darkness, I've learned one very important thing. Light and darkness can not exist in the same place at the same time.  A very helpful mental tool that has done wonders for me, is the thought of a switch.  I marvel at electricity.  I don't understand it fully, but I respect it and know how much it infuses my day.  Thus it is not a far stretch for me to visualize in dazzling detail, the concept of a switch turning on, or off. . . something. 

When I have those pesky pessimistic thoughts, I can pause, mentally 'turn off the switch' and miraculously the thoughts fade away as if they were now literally 'in the dark'. 

I have also been able to 'turn on the switch' mentally of energy, a good habit, or more optimistic thoughts.

Sara BanBreathnach says "The authentic self is the soul made visible." 
I loved that.  In a world where we are becoming increasingly 'visible' in blogs, YouTube, reality shows, social media, even our connections day to day, it is essential that we allow ourselves to be exactly who we are.
Switching on the power in my own life brought me great rewards, but I had to ask.  I had to consciously and with great intent, consider what light I wished to turn on, and where I wanted that light concentrated.  When I do that, it happens, in abundance.

Where do you desire more light?  What switches are you no longer using and could turn off?  I'd love to hear about it.



  1. That is neat - Sarah's quote... It really is true. And I think that we live in a time where people really are getting that. They want to be their authentic selves. So many are striving for that. You taught me that long ago. I'm grateful. I've been reading The Secret and I've been trying to more often turn on the switches of the things I want, rather than what I don't want. It's hard to remember when I'm not actually reading the book, but every time I open the book I remember.


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