In our society today there is an overload.  There is too much information to be usefully assimilated.  There is too much food, too much waste, too many choices, too much good to do.  That isn’t even looking on the negative side of the scale.   Ever just feel like giving up?  That it is all just too much?  I’ll confess that I have. 

On those days however, somewhere in the mess of to-dos, want-tos and have-tos, seems to be this little voice whispering softly that only a few things really matter.   REALLY matter.  Really MATTER.  You know? 

Like a juggler trying to learn, usually with some practice she can successfully get three objects in the air without dropping them all.  When you add in a fourth however, that is an entirely different set of problems.  So I submit that you pare your list down to three essentials;  Just three.
What are the three very most important ideas, relationships, goals, people, dreams, whatever that you want to daily make certain get some focus? 

JUST three. 

(My secret is that I kept mine broad enough to have some wiggle room, and specific enough to be useful.) 

There, now don’t you feel better?  These are the ONLY things that you must attend to each day.  Everything else can be squeezed in where there is room.   If these have some daily, consistent attention, you’ll feel successful, even if a half-dozen other things do not. 


  1. Oh- thought of one more... I fear the unknown. I DO NOT like not knowing what’s going on/what’s going to happen. Surprises are tricky... some I like, some I'd rather be "in on."


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