Visiting vs. Packing Up and Moving In

"Stick to the mundane and the exceptional can't help but shine through." ~ Elder Kevin Steed

Sometimes,  I think that we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  There is a huge difference between visiting a place, and packing up and moving in permanently.  In our lives there are moments, sometimes days, when we just can’t seem to move forward.  We allow ourselves to ruminate, dwell in emotionally charged places or wallow in self-pity and back-wards thinking.  Then we sigh and berate ourselves for being so weak, and often give up because we just can’t be positive and progressive all the time. 

I love San Francisco.  I love the people, the electricity in the air, the tourists, the locals and the gorgeous variety.  I grew up near “The City”, but never, not even once in my life. . . have I wanted to live there.  It is a place I visit when I need the memories, the charge, the day’s vacation from normality.  It is not a place I set up camp and settle into.  While I recognize and respect and honor the variety, the excitement and the fun of the place, it isn’t a place for my morality,  my productivity or my success. 

Sometimes we have emotional places like that.  A memory;  An old situation, relationship or past success.  There is not a problem with visiting those places.  Recognizing their place in your past, or wish for the future, but there IS a problem if you pack up your present and move in. . . relinquishing your today to a memory or living in a fantasy that may never occur. 

Honor where you have been from time to time.  Give it an hour, even a day if you must, but then refocus, re-file it where it belongs and come home. . . to the present. 


  1. Loved that last part... "come home, to the present."

  2. Thanks! Now if we can only remember that each day eh ?

  3. I think moving to San Francisco is much better than just visiting it. You're finally living to the place that you love the most. And because SF is very close to your heart, living there permanently wouldn't be an issue to you. Well, it's been three years already. I wanna ask how's your life there. I hope that you're having fun, Marsha!


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