Connections...a Soft Place to Land

Connections...a Soft Place to Land

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson

Have you ever felt angry, but nothing was ‘really’ wrong?  Do you feel alone in a crowd, or in a relationship?  Do you remember feeling like you have no one you can call when you are feeling blue?  You may be missing a deep and meaningful attachment.
From Meet Joe Black:
How do you know? (Your wife loves you)
Quince: Because she knows the worst thing about me and it's okay.

Babies, when they are first-born, need to be with their mother’s within the first 45 minutes of birth, to be comforted and held and nursed.  If they do not have this, studies show that they can have attachment issues that continue throughout their lives.  We are no different.  If we do not have a soft place to land, someone who we KNOW is there for us no matter what, we are like a rudder-less ship, floating through experiences without an anchor. 

There is help.  

75%-80% of all couples who undergo EFT come out with stronger and better relationships.  It is phenomenal.  Now there are ways that you can ask yourself the seven questions, look out for the three demon dialogues and reconnect with your partner in strong bonds that are healing and supportive for both. 

Learn how to dance through the Protest Polka; Side-step the Blame Game and refuse to Freeze or Flee.  Stopping these enemies of communication can bring you to a place where you can look into loving eyes and know that NO MATTER WHAT. . . you are someone, and you have someone who will be there. 

You can feel like this too.  You deserve it.

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  1. I heard this type of therapy talked about at the UCAP conference. It sounds really effective. There's another method called EFT--a totally unrelated method. It's pretty awesome too.

  2. I'm excited about learning more about it.


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