Spun into Gold

There is a fable of the miller's daughter.

Sarah  Van Breathnach tells us to consider that we are not only the girl. . . but we are all things.  In a fable, the characters represent our inner motivations and our weaknesses. 

We are also the Miller.  Do we have those which we demand the impossible?  Do we think so much of our children that we leave them no logical way to complete our expectations? 

Are we Rumpelstiltskin, in that we have a secret. . . that we are not always willing for others to share, without a price.  Our service comes with a price tag, sometimes far more than the service is worth. 

Perhaps at times, we are the gold.  The magical wonder that is spun from our ordinaryness. 
Or, are we straw?  Willing possibilities that with the right touch, the right help, can be gold? 

Are we the king, who wants what is impossible.  Who reaps without sowing, who gathers without spinning.  Are we greedy and anxious for more.  Always more? 

Perhaps we are the daughter, or even the child.  Promised to something we have no control over. 

Look into your favorite fairy tale, and see if perhaps you don't relate to a different character than you usually do.  

Artwork by Anne Anderson


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