Follow Your Bliss

Have you heard that before?  Follow your bliss, and it will all be wonderful?  I am the sort of person who reads.  A lot.  I love hearing what others think, how they describe and relate to the world, be it through fiction, science, history, esoterics or whatever.  I enjoy the tidbits of wisdom that comes from all sources.  I hear over and over again, in one form or another, to 'follow your bliss'.  

It sounds wonderful doesn't it?  Yet I get this sort of airy arms outspread-sort of feeling.  Something that happens in movies, not in so-called 'real-life'.  Then I discovered that perhaps I wasn't connecting with that statement because I wasn't sure what my bliss was. I know things I enjoy.  I know some things I'm good at, but I'm not really sure what that ONE thing is, that I want to just drop everything else for and follow.  

I realized, finally, that the path to finding it wasn't through a sit-down session with myself to struggle out and define and hone and scuplt a 'bliss'.  I realized that it had to be something that whispered to me through all the other bits of noise, hidden values and good that surrounded my world.  I found that the only way for it to be heard, was for me to be willing to really consider what price I was willing to pay for 'it'.  Whatever it was.  So I made a list.  

Mine went something like this:  

I have time.  I am willing to give up a full two hour block daily to discovery and enrichment.
I have experience.  I am willing to respect my past experiences for the lessons they have taught me.
I have some financial resources.  I am willing to give up a few things I like and enjoy, to free-up more resources for growth.
I have emotional health.  I am willing to let go and be vulnerable, where it is outside of my comfort-zone.
I have a healthy body.  I am willing to fore-go treats, snacks (But not chocolate) and add the gym.

It went on, but you get the idea.  As I wrote, one idea kept nudging me and I realized just what my personal bliss truly is.  Perhaps this will help you.  Try it, it takes about ten minutes.

What Will I Give. . . to Have________________ ?

Define what you WANT-

be it a fabulous relationship; a successful career; a certain possession; or a physical change. . . then list what you have to give.

What can you do, be, see, share, acquire, that will move you closer towards deserving that desire?

I Want : __________________________________________________________

I Have: ____________________________________________________
_________________________________________________to give.

 Click for a downloadable pdf  - Of the above tool.


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