NO Thank you.

Are there times when you WISH you could just say those words?  Are there times you do, but wish you didn't have to?  How about those times when you OUGHT to, but don't?  I heard something yesterday by a woman named Byron Katie.  She said basically that when she got her life in balance, smoking 'quit' her.  That guilt and rage 'quit' her.

I loved that perspective.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if our little annoying habits would just 'quit'?  No more temptation, no more grinding against will, no more 'trying' or struggle, just a simple 'No Thank You', and away they would wander to pest someone else.

Is it wholly possible that this can happen? 

What if, when one of those little pesky temptations comes knocking, we can simply and confidently say, "No Thank You", and replace it with something we DO want in our lives.  No more trying to justify, no more 'just this one last time', not even a fleeting, 'I really don't want it to go away, really. . . ' but a firm, honest and clear, "No thank you. . . I'm moving on."

Just try it.  I'm going to.  Maybe you can come back and share your experiences.


  1. Yes, I have all those times, like everyone else. Luckily, I've had the worlds best life coach for all of my life, and I've learned to ignore the negative thinking, much of the time. Do the best I can do, and be happy with that. So, sorry my house is (always) a mess... I'm trying. I'm doing the best I can do. Really. And when my kid asked me to read her a story, I said 'yes' to her, and "no, thank you" to the dishes.

  2. and she'll be the one saying "Thank YOU". . .


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