This attraction thing.

Ok, I've been following with interest, a good share of skepticism, and some real curious occurences; the hype about the law of attraction.  This doesn't mean (for those still untouched by the 'Secret' and other self-help gurus) the cute woman walking by, or the good-looking guy who just smiled at you.  It basically is explained as karma, what you give out you get back, or universal magnetism. (More or less). 

Let me give you a few examples.  I always get a great parking spot.  Always.  I drive into a 'full' parking lot yesterday, just across the street from where I want to go, and there isn't one single spot!  I couldn't believe it.  Then I thought, "Well, where is the guy who was pulling out for me?"  Sort of tongue-in-cheek and all (Wait, can you have your tongue in your cheek if you are just thinking something?  Ugh, nevermind).  So I shrug and start to pull out.  Just at the driveway, a car pulls up next to me and honks.  I look over and he is motioning to the spot he just left.  My parking place!  Weird huh?  Then my daughter said, "I was JUST thinking, 'Mom always gets a spot. . . "

Then there is the uncanny truth, that no matter what time of day, no matter how tired I am, no matter anything, if I take a nap, the phone WILL ring.  Curious thing ever.  It has never failed.  Not once. 

I don't believe in accidents, so this just might be the thing that explains a lot of odd things in my life.  Today I called a friend I haven't spoken to in a year, to ask a favor.  Just after 'hello' I hear, "Oh my Gosh (Ok, that wasn't the word, but I don't take the Lord's name in vain, anywhere, for any reason. . . ) I was JUST thinking about you and wishing I could call you.

You aren't convinced yet?  Well how about the science of it? The fact that everything is vibration.  That a human cell 700 miles away from its human origin will become disturbed if the human is disturbed, instantaneously. That the body is affected by thought, which is vibration, which then affects the world around the thought as those vibrations shift.  Simple stuff to prove with biochemistry, just ask Candace Pert.

Image from  don't you just love it?  

All of this has me thinking. 
I know that some things just aren't ready to be done.
I know that nothing is an accident. 
I know that something can be gained from every experience. 

What I am not sure of, is how to actually mold, remain on the highest vibration and banish pessimism and negativity from my sphere.  Can I attract that knowledge please?  I'll even throw in a great massage. . . 


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