The Other Side of the Mirror

Life Is An Echo
What you send out - comes back.
What you sow - you reap.
What you give - you get.
What you see in others - exists in you.
Pravs J

We went to see Alice in Wonderland the other day, in 3D, dorky glasses and all.  I was thinking (surprise) during the whole down-side-up-side-down eye-feast, about what we really see in our world.  For instance, the next day we went to San Francisco.  There are people of every persuasion, financial, political, gender, race and intelligence there. There are beggars, street performers, tourists, locals and a whole lot of just regular folk.  

A woman asked me for my 'spare change'.  I don't have a lot, but I wondered. . . what if the world turned around, and I was the beggar, and she was the one all dressed in sequins on her way to see WICKED?  

Do we ever really know the stories of the people we come across?  Could it be, that the woman on the street corner had actually decided, even before she arrived in this place, at this time, in that skin, that she would be the one to teach me to look at the world from another angle?  What if she knew that I would go on my merry way, never really considering the point of views of those who differed from me, unless she volunteered to be my nudge?  Perhaps a silly example, but what about the father who is basically a louse?  Alcoholic, poor provider, with a temper. . . but when the whole story is known, it turns out he was told that the only way his child would ever learn compassion and be able to fulfill their greatest potential, is if they had a difficult childhood.  So he bowed in great agony, and said, "I'll do it so that my son will succeed".  

Then in WICKED. . . "Are people born evil, or do they have evil thrust upon them?"  Something to consider.  We never really get the whole story.  I know for myself, judgement is going to be even less common in my world.  I just never know. . .  


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