Who are you? 

In our current society, that seems to be the buzz-word for almost any endevor.  We Tweet ourselves, we Blog ourselves, we Facebook and Spacebook (Yeah, I know it is wrong) and put ourselves 'out there' in so many levels.  What does all of this say about us? 

Socrates' guiding wisdom was to , "Know Thyself."  Does this mean that everyone else must know us too?  What does the world know about me?  If you enter my name into google (depending on if you use my name now, my name a year ago, or my 'online name' Chantaclair) you'll get hundreds of returns.  Will that compilation actually allow anyone to understand and know me?

Perhaps they will believe so, and yet I'm not certain that I know myself fully even yet.  Life is a series of knowing.  Knowing what I want, who I am, who I was, who I can be, all rattle around my thoughts.  Do they yours as well? 

I've learned that branding, presenting, knowing, is all about who I wish to present myself as.  In different venues I allow different attributes, success and even failures to be made public.  This allows the relationships to be as intimate or as formal as I am comfortable with.  Here on this blog for instance, I allow my thoughts to be known.  There are few details of my personal life, my wishes or my dreams, because that is not my intent.  As a life-coach, it is better for a client to know me professionally, and thus allow the relationship to remain at a certain helpful distance. 

Who am I?  I expect I am many different things to many different people, but in the end, who I am to myself is possibly the most powerful knowing of them all.


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