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Many have asked 'What is a Life-Coach'.  In our crazy world, there are so many resources and challenges to face.  While therapists are highly beneficial in many cases, most of us don't feel comfortable, nor do we actually require therapy.  The difference is one of focus.  In Life-coaching, we look forward.  We determine the resources you already have, the areas where you most would like to focus and we share and discover and uncover and rediscover the tools to move forward. 

Looking at why we arrived where we are if we are lost can be helpful, but usually it is more helpful to see where we want to go, and how to get there from where we are currently.  It may be interesting to see where we went wrong, but where we take the next step is really the only thing that will get us up and moving. 

Like a fitness coach, or a business coach, or even a relationship coach, a life-coach has the tools, the ability and the skills to guide you along your own personal path to success and balance. 

Marsha Keller CLC CMT

Here are a few of my favourite life-coaching tools and blogs:

Elia Gourgoris - Life Coach


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