Profound Connection

I was reading something today that really bothered me.  I love 'the Comfort Queen' by Jennifer Louden. She is funny, insightful and very helpful in creating an abundant life.  However, sometimes it is very evident that my goals and morality separates me from even those that I admire.  She said something to the affect of, "My connection and commitment with my women's group is as strong as with my marriage."  I find that highly disturbing.  Perhaps that is the very essence of why so many marriages fail.  We do not initially, or internally place them in the highest regard.  We no long respect their place in our lives as not merely another relationship, but as the first human relationship, second only to that with the Divine. 

If we are 'ONE'. . . it is impossible to disconnect from our mate and put that relationship in a compartment.  We can not expect to have a thriving fulfilled marriage, if we are merely placing it on the save level as a woman's group, other extended family members, career relationships, even best friends or children.  To have a Profound Connection, it is essential that we first and foremost place the marriage mentally, priority and emotionally at the very top of our focus.  

This does not mean that we disappear inside of it.  Far from that.  We must, if we are to remain vibrant and connected, stay in touch with what we want most and how that is related to our partnership.  Instead of 'having to' adjust what we do, desire and expend our energies on, the only way to obtain that profound connection is to WANT to.  It must be our deepest desire, our superseding focus and our richest reward. 

When we become 'one', we truly can not think in terms of 'mine' any longer.  Everything we think, do, consider, experience, share, fear and rejoice in, is connected to our partner.  That is when the connection becomes profound.  That is when our intimate life becomes something sacred, even holy.  That is when our spirituality meshes so firmly with our emotions and our physicality, that we become fully one. 

IF Ye are not One, Ye are not Mine. . . (D&C 38:27).


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