Once I was young. . .

Today I am Fifty.

While that might have an ominous ring to it (and believe me it does), I also look back at what that means.  I have lived thus far, a good life for the most part.  Far from story-book perfection, but certainly better than 98% of the world's population.  That brings me to the topic of gratitude.  While there are certainly some grumbles associated with a new decade before me, mostly I find that I am increasingly aware and grateful for all that I have NOT had to experience, and all that I have been blessed to.

 My memories are a collection of happy experiences, delightful and loving connections and educational encounters.  Before me is a wide open expanse of possibilities.  The mirror could be more gentle, and yet it is possibly a pretty good friend with a bit of gentle chiding mixed in with the honest appraisal to be found there.  It could be worse afterall.

50 years ago, I came into this world with a holler.  I suspect that I'm entering my next decade with one as well, albeit a sort of inner one.  It can be a struggle to face change head on.  It can be daunting, frightening, a little discouraging with a touch of mourning for what you are leaving behind as well.  It can also be exhilarating, fresh, hopeful and exciting.  I expect that the key is to decide which to simply acknowledge with respect, and which to embrace and focus on. 

Looking over the collection of 'what is', I find a delightful assortment of people who love and support me; physical objects that bring back lovely memories and bring joy and delight; health and opportunities; a supportive and loving husband and children who adore me and let me know they do. I am blessed with a rich spiritual life and knowledge of my divinity.  I have a career helping others find their own joy and success.  Who could be unhappy with all the major things in place?  Besides, I have two of the greatest, my beautiful and intelligent and delightful grandbabies on the planet. 

Life is good. 

Bring it on.


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