Yodaish Wisdom

"So sure are you.  With you it is always, 'I can not.'" 

Do you have little voices in your head too?  Not the ones that mean you are crazy, (at least not entirely so) but the ones coming from your best or worst selves, telling what 'reality' is; What you can not have, what you can not do, what you can not be? 

What if you could? What if you didn't listen to the worst part of you, and only listened to the Yodaish wisdom of the best part of you?  Could you change how you feel?  Your life?  How you look at your future? Your past?  

 I learned about a little game.  It is playful and fun and just makes you feel good.  It is from Abraham-hicks.com and is called the 'What if' game.  (Or Wouldn't it be great if. . . )
Basically, you merely take where you are, and shift your focus to another true, but more 'feel good' place of possibilities.  

For instance.  My husband wants a truck.  We aren't currently in a position to go out and buy a new truck.  He could then, logically and realistically look at the perfect Harley-model F-150 in the next lane and say, "I'll never have that truck.  Why bother looking at it?  I'd have to get another job to afford it and then I'd never have time to enjoy it."  All of which are honest, realistic and probably true. . .but. . . they do NOT make either of us feel very good.  Instead, we can change it around to equally true statements like, "What if I was driving that truck right now?"  "What if someone gave me that truck?"  "What if I put a photo of that truck by my computer to inspire me?"  All of these statements are just as true, and definitely make us both happier and in a better mood.  Nothing has changed but what we've chosen to focus on.  

Try it.  What if all your dreams came true?  Wouldn't it be great?

"So positive are you.  Think you that anything is possible?"  

I do.


  1. Mmmm... humm.... That's the secret all right. For sure. I love Yoda. He's so wise isn't he! I heard he was modeled after a pretty amazing man. LOVE love love your blog! LOVE that you're doing one! I'll spend some more time catching up with it soon. Love you!


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